Case Studies

Sino Biological

A leading global biological solution specialist, founded in 2007 in Beijing, P. R. China, needed a cost-effective way to increase their brand awareness and exposure in the niche field of pharmaceuticals and biotech; as well as within the academic community.

“Our company started at the beginning of the year with a partnership with NTENT, and it has proven to have been a very successful collaboration. We provided our key URLs and images of our products to NTENT, which they used to create ads that ran on Our products have received increased exposure compared with other channels where we have posted ads—more effectively and affordably. We will continue our partnership and campaign with them next year.”

New Holland

A global leader in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment for over 110 years, wanted to explore new ways to reach their customers online.

Farmers Weekly, a leading provider of news, technical advice and a wide range of vital interactive services for the UK Farming Community, is the perfect environment for New Holland to feature their products.

IronWood Electronics

A leader in the field of comprehensive testing of prototype adapters and sockets for the engineering industry, was investigating new online touch points to generate awareness and educate potential users about their product line.

“NASA Tech Briefs’ Tech Leaders Program helps us to target a specific customer segment whom may or may not be available through other avenues.”