NTENT Chief Technology Officer, Ricardo Baeza-Yates to Speak at WWW2017 Workshop

NTENT announced today the participation of their CTO, Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, at the 26th International World Wide Web Conference happening in Perth, Australia beginning April 3. During this conference, attendees will share ideas and deliberate about research and technology concerning the Web, the standardization of its technologies and how its future affects the global community. Dr. Baeza-Yates will give an invited talk about Bias on the Web at the Wiki Workshop 2017, held day two of the conference on April 4. The workshop provides a forum of information regarding all aspects of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites.

In addition to his speech, Baeza-Yates has helped organize the 7th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop happening on the opening day of the festivities. The workshop includes sessions titled: (Alternative) Facts, Dynamics and Temporality & Intelligence, with a panel discussion as the concluding session.

Attendees can also find Baeza-Yates’ work in a WWW research paper titled: Exploring Query Auto-Completion and Click Logs for Contextual-Aware Web Search and Query Suggestion.

This work proposes to model users’ behaviors on query-auto-completion and search click logs simultaneously, then, use them as contextual data of each other. This allows query-auto-completion, click prediction and relevance ranking of web documents based on click data to improve at the same time.

“As the WWW Conference is the main venue for research on web search and related topics,” said Baeza Yates, “attending it allows me to stay up-to-date on the latest advances on these topics, as well as gives me the opportunity to network with old colleagues while meeting new ones.”

Managed by the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2), the WWW Conference Series began more than twenty-five years ago in Silicon Valley. Attendees include more than a thousand academics, web researchers, computer scientists, and those with vested interests in social computing, e-health, web accessibility and more. More than 400 presentations are scheduled, consisting of technical programs, workshops, tutorials, keynote speeches and a variety of other activities.

About NTENT: NTENT™ sits at the crossroads of semantic search and natural language processing technologies. Our patented, proprietary technology powers our comprehensive platform that transforms structured and unstructured data into relevant and actionable insights. This level of intelligence enables us to predict and deliver relevant information based on user intention. Learn more about NTENT at https://ntent.com.